The modifications from the original Pressbook include:

  • Added new Chapter “What is a Citation”
  • Chapter “Why we Cite” expanded
  • Chapter “Why Apa”: renamed “What is Apa” and revised
  • Chapter “Exploring Source Types” info expanded; subchapter headings changed
  • Chapter “How Do I Know The Source Is A Webpage?”: changed the CAST webpage example to UNESCO example
  • Added new Chapter “Activity: Which Source Type is This?”
  • Chapter “Two Types of Citation”: replaced image with own image and updated content
  • Chapter “Creating Reference List Citations”: divided into four separate chapters:
    • Creating Reference List Citations: Journal Articles
    • Creating Reference List Citations: Trade Articles
    • Creating Reference List Citations: Webpages
    • Creating Reference List Citations: Books/ebooks
      • added H5P activity “The 4Ws” for trade articles, webpages, books/ebooks chapters
      • added two new H5P activities for each of the four chapters (Exercise 1: Find the elements needed for a reference list citation; Exercise 2: Exercise 2: How do you write each citation element in APA Style?)
  • Chapter “Creating Reference List Citation Activity”: Removed activities 1 and 3; added new activity
  • Created separate chapter for the Overview of the four Ws infographic
  • Chapter “What is an In-Text Citation”: added own content; removed image of crumpled paper and of corresponding references
  • Added new chapter “In-Text Citation Activity – Part One”
  • Chapter “How it All Works Together”: replaced corresponding references image
  • Chapter “APA and Writing Support”: updated to reflect KPU resources
  • Chapter “Conclusion”: created own Feedback form using LibWizard (instead of Google Forms)


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