16 Creating Reference List Citations: Webpages

Step 1: Find the 4 Ws

The 4 Ws for the webpage (there are four slides)



Step 2: Arrange the 4 Ws in the correct order and with the correct formatting.

The citation for the webpage (click image to see it bigger)


The example above is a webpage with a group author that is the same as the publisher of the website .

  • Author: UNESCO is an acronym for the organization’s full name.
    • If the author is an acronym, spell out their full name.
  • Date: the publication date of the webpage.
    • Do not use the website’s copyright date for the date.
    • If no publication date is given, use (n.d.), meaning no date.
  • Title: is in sentence-case and italics as it is an individual work.
  • Source location: is the site name (if different from the author) and URL of the webpage.
    • If the author is the same as the site name (as in our example), only the author is included.


Now try it yourself! 

The Library’s APA Online Guide is a great resource to have on hand for creating reference citations.

Exercise 1: Find the elements needed for a reference list citation for this webpage


Exercise 2: How do you write each citation element in APA Style for the same website?



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