Welcome to Academic Integrity, a pressbook developed by the KPU Library.

Throughout your time at KPU, you will be expected to do your academic work in a way that aligns with the university’s standards of academic integrity.  Violations of these standards are taken very seriously and can have wide reaching consequences for you.

These modules are designed to help you learn about academic integrity as it is interpreted at KPU and about one of the most common integrity violations in particular: plagiarism.

Please read through this book carefully and take time to do all the exercises. Pay attention to details. Go back and review if need be.


You are expected to have a good understanding of the contents once you have gone through all the sections.


How to move around the book:

Use the arrows at the bottom left and right of each page to move forward and backward through the modules. Or, use the Contents menu in the top left hand corner to go to a particular section.


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