42 APA: Article Citation

Remember, for reference list entries, you will always need to give the full citation information. The basic elements for a reference list entry for an article from a KPU database consist of:

  • Author
  • Title and (if available) subtitle of the article
  • Publishing information: Title of the journal, volume and (if available) issue number, page numbers, Database name, https://doi.org/xxxxx (if available)
  • Date

You usually find this information in the article details provided by the database or somewhere on the first page of the article.


Citation elements:


What does DOI mean?

The DOI (digital object identifier) will lead the reader to a stable webpage. It is a system that was developed so the reader would not encounter a broken link.


APA Basic Article Template

Author last name, Initials. (Date). Title: Subtitle of the article. Title of the Journal, volume #(issue # if available), page #-page #. https://doi.org/xxxxx (if available) 

Reference List Entry for this Article 

Raskind, I. G., Haardörfer, R. & Berg, C. J. (2019). Food insecurity, psychosocial health and academic performance among college and university students in Georgia, USA. Public Health Nutrition, 22(3), 476-485. https://doi.org/10.1017/S1368980018003439 


Remember, in an in-text citation, you only need the author and date information (plus a locator for direct quotes). To see an example for a paraphrase from this article, click below.




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