36 Getting Help: Other Tutors

Christina Page

Are there other tutors I can use?

Yes, you certainly can, as long as tutoring is done in an ethical way and following KPU’s Academic Integrity principles outlined in Policy ST2. Unfortunately, some companies that advertise tutoring services encourage practices that are considered plagiarism or cheating. There also have been reports that some of these companies blackmail students who use their services. So please be a discerning user of tutoring services.


How do you know that you have found the right kind of tutor?

Essentially, a good tutor is a guide who will support you in doing your work on your own and thus help you learn and improve your skills.

A good tutor will:  A good tutor will NOT: 

Help you understand the assignment

Find resources for your assignment

Ask questions to help you clarify ideas for your assignment

Provide ideas for your assignment

Model effective ways of organizing ideas

Write or rewrite a section of your assignment for you

Help you to identify patterns of error in your thinking or writing

Proofread or edit your work for you

Help you learn the steps of solving a problem or answering a question


Do a homework question for you or work directly with you on a question you will submit for marks


Help you locate resources to support your learning  

Provide copies of exams or other materials that your instructor does not allow you to use


Help you, so you will be able to write your own paper Write the paper for you



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