37 Part Four Recap

Let’s recap what you have learned in part 4.

Part 4: Key Takeaways

  • are exact words of others
  • are put in quotation marks (or block format if longer)
  • are restatements in your own words and using a new structure while making sure you keep the meaning of the original
  • are approximately the same length as the original


  • reflect the main points of a source
  • are much shorter than the original
Plagiarism instances include:
  • Quotes that have no quotation marks around them
  • Paraphrases or summaries too close to the original, even if properly cited
  • Quotes, paraphrases or summaries that are not cited or insufficiently cited


  • Careless note-taking is one of the major reasons for unintentional plagiarism
  • Always write down the citation information when taking notes


  • Proper tutors support you and help you learn and improve your skills, but will not do the work for you
Congratulations, you have finished Module Four. 



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