Research Proposal

Writing 1000/Lima Fall 2020


Assignment type: Individual

Due: on Moodle                 

Weight: 15%

  • Include 6 annotated sources
  • Minimum 500 words for proposal + 100-150 words for each annotation




This assignment is an opportunity to map out the resources you’ve found to date, and to receive feedback on the likelihood of your success with the research paper given your current trajectory.

To do this you will need to find sources that support your research, using techniques described in the library modules on Moodle.  You will find websites, scholarly journal articles, and books relevant to your approach. Annotation will help you synthesize the information.



1) LOOK FOR SOURCES exploring your research question in our library. Note – the sources you use must be scholarly or reliable sources for all areas except for the research site.  If you have changed your research site from your initial submission, ensure you clarify it here.  Begin research into your question. Look for both

  1. BACKGROUND sources, explaining the state of knowledge (what has already been affirmed in the field), providing suitable definitions if those have been agreed upon, describing the theoretical framework, and providing any useful statistics.
  2. SCHOLARLY sources that discuss the current claims and provide interpretations and possible solutions. These must be peer reviewed.

2) NARROW YOUR SOURCES down to six. 

  • 2 scholarly sources that address your prestige abstraction
  • 2 scholarly sources that could be more general about your research site
  • 2 more sources of your choice (can be to provide background or be another of the above two). *Remember any background source must be reliable — but not necessarily scholarly!

3) Use these six sources to WRITE a research proposal as described in Roe and den Ouden, chapter 4.  Focus on the following:

  • Context
  • Definition of Key Terms
  • Tradition of Inquiry
  • Knowledge Deficit
  • Topic
  • General Forecasting
  • Methods
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Research Question
  • Statement of Relevance (see Roe & den Ouden p. 72).

You are not required to have all ten sections, but there should be a logic apparent in your choice to exclude any of these.

4)  CITE your sources in correct APA format.

5) Annotate these six sources, again using APA format.


Research Paper Proposal Rubric-Fall 2020


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