Final Reflective Journal

Writing 1000/Lima Fall 2020         

Due: November 24th, 2020

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Weight: 15%

Objective: A reflective journal gives you an opportunity to engage, observe and record your learning progress. This assignment asks you to reflect on course content in a critical and analytical way. Evaluate the usefulness of Genre-based approach to analyse texts and understand their arguments, as well as a tool for writing academic texts.  Reflect on course learning goals that you feel you have achieved:

  • o Use Genre-based approach to recognize academic textual features
  • o Summarize and criticize scholarly articles
  • o Write clearly, concisely, and powerfully
  • o Revise and reshape your writing and give generous, generative peer feedback

To guide your reflection process, consider the following questions:

  1. Can you apply genre theory to recognize rhetorical patterns in a text?
  2. Do you feel more equipped to find relevant information, make connections to other contexts and write these ideas (summarize and paraphrase) in your own words?
  3. Have you gained an understanding of these ideas to begin to apply them to other contexts both in reading and in writing assignments?
  4. How beneficial to you is the edit, review and revise your writing, as well as give, receive and apply feedback?


  1. Use our Discussion forum on Moodle to keep track of your learning process during the course: post comments, make questions, discuss and reflect on course materials. Your active participation, engagement in discussions will help you compile information that can be useful for your Reflective Journal.
  2. Write a 500-word reflective composition. Ensure you answer fully in your own words. Include any insights you gained from class, from classmates, or from other courses or contexts.  Type up your responses; feel free to use the Word document as your template.
  3. Submit your final reflective journal on Moodle by the end of the day on Monday, November 24th.

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