Written and compiled by Christina Page, 2018, Updated 2020
Reviewed by faculty and staff members of
The Learning Centres at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC, Canada

These training materials provide support for tutors who work multilingually.  It assumes familiarity with the Level One Fundamentals training concepts, and assumes that the tutor meets the outcomes outlined in that training.

The KPU Learning Centres serve a multilingual and multicultural student population. Our tutors bring their knowledge of multiple languages and cultures to their work, enabling them to effectively serve students in the language that will best facilitate their learning.  While English is the primary language of instruction at KPU, we believe that all languages are an asset in the learning process, and that by offering bilingual tutoring, student learning will ultimately be enhanced.

The purpose of these materials is to explore the application of effective multilingual practices in a tutoring environment.

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