4 Apply Multilingual Principles to the Tutoring Cycle

Now that you have considered the ways in which you might use multiple languages in a tutoring session, consider how your language use might look at each step in the tutoring cycle. Review the steps of the tutoring cycle (see the description in the Tutor Training Fundamentals Workbook- Level 1).

1. Welcome tutor to tutee; 2. Tutee agenda request; 3. Probe to identify scope/plan 4. Cycle (Take Focus, Align to Tutee, Tutor Input/Modelling, Tutee Response, Feedback); 5. Resources; 6. Review; 7. Closure
Image Credit: Peter Walsh, Lyn Benn and Alice Macpherson, 2019

Activity: Language Choices and the Tutoring Cycle

Reflect on the language choices you might make throughout the tutoring cycle.  What rationale would you give for your choices?


Tutoring Cycle


What language would you use?  Why?
Welcome: Tutor to tutee  


Tutee agenda request  


Probe to identify scope/plan  


Task focus  


Align to tutee  


Tutor input/modelling  


Tutee response  











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