1 Identify Reasons for Tutoring Multilingually

As a multilingual person, you likely have experiences of working in different languages. Sometimes you may have experienced additional challenges if you were not able to fully understand the language used in your learning environment.  At other times, learning in a new language may have been an exciting and rewarding challenge.

Consider your own experiences of learning in multiple languages.  Describe your views on learning in multiple languages.  What experiences have shaped your views?


Watch the video below.  What insights do you gain about multilingualism?

Many of our tutees are multilingual, and some may seek out tutors with whom they share a common home language. This multilingualism is a resource that students bring to their learning; however, at KPU, course assessments will be conducted in English. How do you decide which language(s) to use in a tutoring session?

Benefits of using English when tutoring Benefits of using a shared home language






Multilingual tutoring, when done in a structured and principled way, allows students to use all of their languages as a resource in the learning environment. If done effectively, multilingual tutoring can ultimately support students as they continue to grow their academic English skills.



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