5 Chapter Reflections

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  1. Read this “Hub Spot” article, “The Little Known Stories Behind 8 Iconic Packaging Designs“, and make note of how our sensory receptors are being appealed to through these designs.
  2. Read this “Explore Psychology” article, “Absolute Threshold: A Definition with Examples“, and come up with your own example for each of the senses presented.
  3. Read this “CBC” article, “Think Before You Pink During Breast Cancer Awareness Month“, and explain how AmEx’s actions are consistent with the principles of Weber’s law.
  4. Read this “Hub Spot” article, “What Is Guerilla Marketing: 7 Examples to Inspire Your Brand“, and discuss how and why brands are seeking salience with consumers.
  5. Read this article by “The Independent”, “World’s Ugliest Colour Used on Cigarette Packets to Put Smokers Off“, and discuss the relationship between colours and our emotions.
  6. Read this article, “What the Colour ‘Haint Blue’ Means to the Descendants of Enslaved Africans” and discuss the historical and cultural perspectives of indigo and its impact on the transatlantic trade.
  7. Read this “Logo Design Love” blogpost, “Starbucks Logo Evolution“, and explain how the principle of differential threshold is applied.
  8. What happens when brands redesign their logos and the consensus is…that they shouldn’t have? Read about the Gap’s 6-day logo change and discuss how this costly error relates to concepts around absolute threshold.
  9. Watch the video, “Piano Stairs” produced by The Fun for Volkswagen. Discuss how this is an example of “guerilla marketing.”


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