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Understanding Differences in Assignment Expectations

While students around the world develop similar core knowledge in their secondary school education, this knowledge is often assessed in very different ways. In the Canadian educational system, research and sharing information in writing or with media are often emphasized relatively early in the educational process. In some other contexts, students are more likely to work towards tests and exams. Often, these are high-stakes tests and exams at the end of an academic year or a longer period of education. These differences shape student expectations of what will be required in post-secondary education. In this video, you will hear students discuss their experiences with assignments in their home countries.

For reflection

  • In this video, Tony mentioned how his instructor shared expectations for out-of-class work.  How would you explain your expectations in this area to your students?
  • Consider an assignment from one of your courses.  What academic expectations would you choose to make more explicit in order to support your students’ learning?


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