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Bridging Communication Gaps About Assignments

As you have watched the previous videos, you will have gained a new sense of the implicit expectations of the Canadian university system that create challenges when they are not made explicit for students. Before hearing these students’ experiences, you may have assumed that students were familiar with some of these expectations and practices. However, as you have now seen, many talented and promising students face significant adjustments when they first start their educational journey in Canada. Making the expectations of your course as explicit as possible to students is one way to help international students succeed.

In the video below, you will hear Neet describe one experience where the requirements of an assignment needed to be explained clearly to students in a more explicit and culturally relevant way.

For reflection

  • Have you experienced a similar situation to the one Neet describes in your own course?  What would you try the next time you encounter a similar situation?
  • How can learning from international students like Neet inform your efforts to connect with students in culturally relevant ways?


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