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Differences in Assignments and Plagiarism

Academic integrity and plagiarism are two of the most challenging topics for international students and instructors alike. Instructors rightly expect that students learn and use the conventions of citation, and most students commit to trying their best to master the system. However, for many international students, including those who have completed previous degrees, the citation practices expected of them in the Canadian environment are completely new. Though most students intend to work with integrity, learning the academic literacies involved may be challenging.

In the video below, students share their experiences with academic integrity and plagiarism.

For reflection

  • How would you introduce the research process to a student with no previous experience conducting academic research?
  • How do you determine the difference between intentional cheating and unintentional plagiarism caused by inexperience? What do you feel is the best response to students who make errors in citation?


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