7 Intercultural Communication Terminology Discussion

Melissa Ashman

Activity Guidelines

Suggested Course Level

Lower level undergraduate

Activity Purpose

  • Students will be able to define commonly used (and often-confused) terms in intercultural communication.

Materials Required

  • Chalk board
  • White board
  • Projector and screen

Activity Instructions

  1. Divide students into pairs.
  2. Display the following terms on screen or write them on the board: multicultural, intercultural, culture, and diversity.
  3. Ask students to discuss these terms with their partner. What do these terms mean? How are they similar? How are they different? What is an example of each?
  4. After a few minutes, ask each pair to join another group to compare/contrast their responses and ideas.
  5. After a few more minutes, debrief the activity with the class.

Debrief Questions / Activities

  • Go through each term in turn. Solicit as many responses from groups as possible.
  • What is your definition?
  • What is an example of this term?
  • How were your conclusions with your partner the same or different from the group you joined?
  • (NOTE: Many students realize they don’t know the differences between these terms and cannot provide examples. After reviewing the class responses to these terms, define each term and provide an example.)

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