2 Dear Future Me

Arley Cruthers

Activity Guidelines

Suggested Course Level

Both upper and lower level undergraduate courses

Activity Purpose

  • Students will reflect on their work over the course of the semester and set writing goals for the remainder of the semester.

Materials Required

  • Pen
  • Paper

Activity Instructions

  1. On the last day of class, ask students to write a letter to themselves that begins Dear Future Me.
  2. In this letter, they will list some points about writing/ their own writing that they want to remember in the future, since they will need to use the skills we learned in this class throughout their school life and careers. They could choose to remember specific lessons (analyzing an audience, using plain language) or something they’ve learned about their writing process. I often ask students to list the thing that they’re most proud of accomplishing this semester.
  3. During the final exam, I give them back their letter, along with a note of encouragement.

Activity Variations

  1. Instead of having students write a letter to themselves, have them write a letter to next semester’s students. Ask students to specify if they want to share their letter with next year’s students, then compile a document of all of the letters that you’ve received permission to share. I ask students on the first day of class to find one piece of advice from previous students that resonated with them and (if they feel comfortable) share why they liked that advice.

Tags: semester wrap-up, reflection, individual, self-reflection, study help, year-end reflection


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