This is the first edition of the Cases on Social Issues: For Class Discussion. Visit Cases on Social Issues: For Class Discussion – 2nd Edition for more cases.

What is this resource?

This open educational resource contains cases for class discussions or group work.  Case discussions enhance students’ ability to collaborate and to develop ethical and critical decision-making skills. The cases included in this resource are unique as they centre on contemporary social issues, featuring underrepresented and marginalized voices.

Who should use this resource?

These cases were designed for upper-level undergraduate or graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, business, healthcare, science, agriculture, environmental studies, law and other programs.

How to use this resource?

Each realistic case is supplemented with notes for teaching strategy, possible discussion questions, and a short optional reading list. The teaching notes can also be used by student facilitators.

In recognition of the experiences of the diverse populations represented, the background description and scenarios are protected by a Creative Commons license that allows use in unadapted form only. All other content is open and adaptable.

This resource is a work in progress. The currently published cases, Case 1 and Case 2, are inspired by post secondary student input. More cases will be added following further student input. Thank you.



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