4 For discussion: What should happen now?

Questions about individual employees

  • What should Dale, who has experience navigating the complex issues involved in mining businesses and Indigenous communicating, do?
  • Who should he talk to?
  • How can Dale protect everyone’s ability to collaborate despite their very different views?

Questions about the organization

  • Should SilverRocks hold the community meeting now? What would the implications of postponing be? Who gets to decide?
  • Should there be concern for the safety of individual SilverRocks employees, whatever their identities, whatever their roles in the company?
  • How should SilverRocks approach the security issue with the communities? What should they do?
  • Should SilverRocks discuss the controversial issues with the community? Or should it approach this as a business-as-usual, logistical issue of simply needing a few security personnel?
  • Should SilverRocks bring the RCMP to the community meetings? Should it hire its own security force?

Questions about the community

  • How should concern for the safety for all the people in the Indigenous communities, including the leadership, elders and youth in the Indigenous communities, be shown?
  • Should the community change the approach to consultation? Why? How?
  • How can the community and the company listen, even to those that are angry, and hold a different perspective on partnering with the company?
  • Should the Indigenous community provide security?

Questions for everyone affected

  • How can a standard of care for everyone be maintained? What would it look like?
  • Whose role is it to maintain a standard of care and safety?


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