20 Use the Library Catalogue

A search of the library catalogue will yield books/ebooks, as well as videos in the collection. Again, results are ranked by relevance. Examining the first few items in the list will give you further ideas for searching. You may find books whose entire contents will be useful to your search, or you may find edited works, with a single chapter relevant to your topic.

ACTIVITY: Watch, Listen, and Learn

The following brief video from KPU Library introduces you to searching the library catalogue, including using subject terms and filters.







You can access the library catalogue directly by selecting it from the library’s homepage, above the Summon search box.


ACTIVITY: Analyze the Details of a Book 

The image below was taken from the catalogue record for a book on vaccines and children.

Click on the purple question marks to see what kind of information about an item is available in the catalogue. Use this to further inform your search.

(Use Fullscreen for an expanded view and your keyboard’s ESC button when finished.)



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