21 Strategy #3: Add Some Filters

An effective search strategy makes use of the specialized features within the library’s search tools to focus on the kinds of resources you need. Summon, library databases, and the catalogue have features called filters or limits that allow you to further refine your results list in a few ways.

Recall in the second module you were introduced to the idea that information comes in a variety of sources; part of your strategy should be to ensure you are getting the content you need. Does your assignment require that you use only certain kinds of sources? Is there a date restriction? Can you use a video?


Tip: Use a filter or limit

After an initial search, look for these tools to further refine your search

What do you need? Filter/Limit
Scholarly journal? book/e-book? newspaper article? video? Content type or source
Recent? last 10 years? Publication date
Focussed on a specific subject Subject headings, discipline, or topic


ACTIVITY: Selecting the Best Limits

Click on the arrows to answer the 4 questions below.




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