Learning Strategist Consultation

Meet our Learning Strategists


Alice Macpherson
Marti Alger
Laura Aguilera
Kim Tomiak
Peter Walsh
Megan Robertson
Christina Page
Lee Beavington

Learning Strategists are available on all campuses and offer students an opportunity to:
»   Develop a personalized learning profile and study plan for academic success
»   Learn more about individual strengths and weaknesses
»   Improve note-taking skills to allow for better retention of information
»   Develop time management & organizational skills
»   Learn how to cope with distractions and improve concentration
»   Learn strategies to remember many facts and formulas
»   Find ways to increase processing speed and memory capacity
»   Increase academic vocabulary
»   Develop strategies for working with sequences and visual patterns
»   Learn how to stay motivated and focused
»   Develop better test taking strategies
»   Learn how to reduce test anxiety
»   Become a more efficient reader and/or writer
»   Learn how to self-advocate and seek helpful resources at KPU

Learning Strategists also consult with academic faculty to provide assistance in learning approaches or strategies for working with a broad range of students. Working with the Learning Centre staff and tutors, they also offer workshops on request or as part of the Learning Centre programs designed to promote learning excellence. Learning Strategists work as partners and can help in the planning, implementation and delivery of certain aspects of courses including curriculum development.


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