The Future Forward: Environmental Security

Dr. Ross Pink

Human security has been embraced by responsive and progressive governments worldwide. It is a paradigm that has been upheld as a model of justice by the global human rights community, civil society and the United Nations. Human security offers hope for a beleaguered world. It is a model that great thinkers like Kant, who championed a noble world in his doctrine on cosmopolitanism, would eagerly pay homage to. As the global culture of human rights moves forward, it is within reason to conclude that in the 21st century, human security will replace realism as the global standard for national conduct and international development.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why would a green theorist sees climate change as human induced?
  2. Can you describe a modern community threat related to climate change? Be as precise as possible.
  3. What would be effective steps by the United Nations, Global Leaders and the World Community to address and reduce the hardships that confront climate change refugees?
  4. Should the United Nations should amend the 1951 Refugee Convention to include Climate Change Refugees? Why or why not?



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