8 Strategic Goals

Strategic goals for Open Education at KPU between 2018-23:

  1. Support the adoption of open educational resources across all Faculties and Schools through education, training & support, system & role integration, and recognition
  2. Support the sustainable development, growth, and effective marketing of additional Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) programs
  3. Develop a publishing infrastructure and systems to support the creation and adaptation of open educational resources
  4. Provide tools, technologies, training, and support for faculty to embrace open pedagogies
  5. Establish targeted open education initiatives to attract working adults seeking to pursue postsecondary study and provide program completion encouragement and alternatives for mature learners
  6. Articulate OERu courses and offer an exit credential to the OERu network
  7. Develop an institutional open education policy
  8. Embed and enhance e-portfolios that reflect open education strategies and acknowledge the added value of global open education practices
  9. Collaborate with external partners in support of KPU’s open education initiatives

Note: These strategic goals are mirrored in Goal 6 of KPU’s Academic Plan 2023.

“If emerging Open Educational Practices are to flourish at our university, support for OEP must integrate with and contribute to our broader efforts to clarify and enhance our strategic position.” (Carey, Davis, Ferreras, & Porter, 2015, p. 162)


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