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This document was drafted by Rajiv Jhangiani, then Special Advisor to the Provost on Open Education*, in collaboration with the following members of the KPU community:

  • Salvador Ferreras, Provost and Vice-President, Academic
  • Murdoch de Mooy, Kwantlen Student Association*
  • Diane Purvey, Dean of Arts*
  • Stephanie Chu, Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning & Interim Associate Vice President, Research*
  • Todd Mundle, University Librarian*
  • Farhad Dastur, University Teaching Fellow & Psychology Instructor*
  • Joanne Saunders, Executive Director, Marketing and Recruitment
  • Ruth Fraser, Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Karen Meijer-Kline, Scholarly Communications Librarian*
  • Caroline Daniels, Systems, Web and Interlibrary Loan Librarian*
  • Meg Goodine, Manager, Learning Technology*
  • Gina Buchanan, Senior Manager, Educational Development
  • Sean Kehler, Supervisor, Print & Logistics Services

*Members of the Open Education Working Group

Additionally, feedback was sought from:

  • Alan Davis, President and Vice-Chancellor
  • Chris Traynor, Academic & Career Preparation Instructor*
  • Jane Fee, Special Advisor, Strategic Enrolment Management
  • Joe Sass, Executive Director, Finance
  • Jon Harding, Vice President Finance and Administration
  • Josephine Chan, Special Assistant to the Provost on Policy and Academic Affairs
  • Joshua Mitchell, Senior Director, Student Affairs
  • Kathryn Wood, Manager, KPU Bookstore*
  • Leeann Waddington, Manager, Learning Technology and Educational Media*
  • Lori McElroy, Associate Vice President, Planning and Accountability
  • Louella Matthias, Special Advisor to the Provost, Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
  • Marlyn Graziano, Vice President, External Affairs
  • Maryam Garrecht, Confidential Assistant, Office of the Provost
  • Melissa Ashman, Applied Communications Instructor*
  • Natalie Walker, Business Manager, Continuing and Professional Studies
  • Steve Cardwell, Associate Vice President, Academic and Interim Vice President, Students
  • Zena Mitchell, University Registrar
  • Amanda Coolidge, Senior Manager, Open Education, BCcampus
  • Wayne Mackintosh, Director, OER Foundation; UNESCO, Commonwealth of Learning, & ICDE Chair in OER

If you have feedback about this document that you would like to share, please send an email to open@kpu.ca


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