Biscuits in Heaven. Khawngnibula asked Challiana “Has Jesus got any biscuits in heaven, because if He has I want to go there.” K. always has a biscuit in early mng: & loves them.

Coffee strained through sock. Native servant convicted of scolded for straining coffee through Master’s sock, answers “Please sir, it was not a clean one.

Flying fish pursued by porpoises & or large fish which devour them in hundreds, leap into air & fly away to avoid their enemies, pounced upon by birds of prey. Red sea.

Mirage, seen when passing through Suez Canal

Wrecks in Red Sea. Sea full of dangerous rocks. Arabs attack & plunder wrecks.

Whales spouting– saw 6 of them – 15 Jan 91

Arrived at Brahmanbaria Mon 2nd Feb- 1891.

Arrived at Calcutta first time Wed. night 21 Jan 1891. Met on way from Diamon harbour (on rail), by Mr & Mrs Dr Rouse, Mr & Mrs Summers, Herbert Anderson, Miss Lynn & other Zenana lady.

Noise of insects deafening.

Old man of 60 married to 14 girls at same time ages from 3-26 years. Had them arranged before him in a row in a semicircle. (Indian witness 1891)

First meeting at Akaora– see Circ. letter dated 13 Feb 1891

First meeting in native house Circ. letter page 8 dated 13 Feb 1891. When men came to invite us to come to house said “I have come for Bertie.” Boy reading “Little Jim”. see letter.

Jackals noise like board school children come out of board school mingled with cries of a London Milkman on a Sunday morning.

Idols said to me made alive by priests – not really stone &c can see and hear. 13 Feb 91

Crowds to listen at bazaar preaching, only Dr Salwas able to speak a little

19 Feb 1891. Will Westons illness

delirium, (his going home 4 Mar 1891.

24 Feb 1891 First Thunderstorm

White ants

White ants

Umbrella over me in bed.

4 Mch 1891 Starting for Dacca

Bananas – 16 a penny.

Noise of Frogs like several policeman’s rattles

Noise of Insects like boy sharpening slate pencil

Dacca, 10 Apr 1891

After meeting Brainim Brahmin priest took up his position to preach and gave us tract

Brahmin Tract. “If a man give a present to a Brahmin of fruit or other food it will be counted as a very good act; but will not give the donor the new birth. If the present be of horses or land it will surely secure for the giver eternal life in the future world in which all the desires of the flesh will be fully satisfied.”


Sudden change of temperature


1 May 1891

Nor’wester, good description pages 2-3

Insect pests in Dak Bungalow- good description page 2

Boat. Fearful storms. Boat nearly lifted on land. 5 hours cooped up. Hot wind. Brilliant sunset behind. In front sky inky black, riven from end to end by forked lighting, & whole place on fire with sheet lightning.

22 May 1891

Recognize man through wall of bungalow. not made of bricks but of bamboo mats.

(2b) sad to see old heathen without hope or certainty as to future

(2d) Programme of Day’s work when at Brahmanbaria.

16 Jul 1891

Publicity of Indian Houses. People walk in & out. Stare through doors. Bring cows, sheep, goats and lamb to graze in our compound (at B’baria) not realizing that the land has been leased to us. They eat up whatever is planted.

Inquisite Natives. Man came & asked Mrs St D, when she was writing letter what she was writing & would not go away. Does same to me. Got rid of him by reading it out in English.

Sunday School B’baria. Give away each Sunday copies of (Boupali?) “Child’s friend”

If come 4 Sundays get extra coloured text. If 8 Sundays get 8 marbles, to be called for on Monday. Children come around 6am for same. Perhaps been awake half night thinking about the marbles. Tried to teach them the difference between Sunday & week days.

26 Aug 1891

B’baria. On tour. Writing home. Boat anchored. Window opened. Crowd outside on bank gazing at me as at lion or monkey at zoo.

Diary B’baria Tour


Page 96      Fisherman struggling with turtle on hook. Let rod & line go. Went away down stream

towed along by the captive

P. 99           Old cook dipping up filthy water from stinking Khal with couple of dead bullocks rotting in

water close by Khal

P.99           Boating among Rice Fields – good description.

P.108           Insects. Terrible time. Mrs St D eating dry bread on roof in dark.

P110.           Sold 100 gospels at Faudouk.

P111.            Postmaster been at Faudouk 6 years never seen a missionary there. Old man remembered

missionary & 2 native Xns. visiting place 15 years before.

P.15            Tipperahs have no word for MILK – which is not used by Hill Tribes & is considered unclean.

P.42, 43     Hindoo schoolmaster, wife and servant want to become Xns. Cheers our hearts

P.77-82      Great Bazaar 20,000 present, Ramchandrapur.

18 Sep 1891.

Adventure with Mad Man at Kasba. Mr & Mrs St D’s adventure at same time with boat nearly sinking

Attacked by Red Ants in bed at Kasba Dak bungalow.

2 Oct 1891

Distribution of Prizes B’baria School by Mrs St D. She was introduced by the school Babu to the boys as “A very respectable lady”

Young men sang, but as not considered the thing to sing before women they were surrounded by a curtain hiding them from view (of Mrs St Dalwas in particular).

600 boys in the school.

Tale of the good little Chinese boy and Mosquitos. Mother and father too poor to buy mosquito curtain. Used to go to bed first. Submit to be bitten all over. When all mosquitoes full, his parents would retire & have peaceful night through their boys self sacrifice.

7 Nov 1891

Snakes. Snake with two heads, one at either end. Holds victim in one mouth injects poison with other. Alternate bands of black and yellow. 6 ft long. Reported as the King of Snakes. Rare. Called by the Police Inspector at Brahmanbaria to see it.

18 Nov 1891. – Calcutta

Fearful Storm in Bay of Bengal a week or two ago. Pilot Bry disappeared. 40 or 50 souls said to have perished.

3 Dec 1891. – B’baria

Boys fond of fun. Ask boys to come to school. Decline (in fun) to come unless give them Hymn Books. Come all same. Boys like fun all world over. Sunday School.

Coolies die. Place outside B’baria compound where coolies often camp for night or two & then go on. If any ill leave them behind to die or get on as best they can. Three men died thus just outside our compound in four months of fever &c.

18 Dec 1891

Native School at Portulla. Three compartments. One for master’s living room – one for boys & one for girls. Sometimes only one master for boys & girls – he used to sit in gap in wall where could see both.

[A small diagram of where the master sits.]

Children learn book by heart. Little girl going on like little steam engine after book shut up – (some read up side down all the same) would have gone on to end of book after it was shut up if I had not stopped her.


LaBarte never had “square meal” since been out in India. Didn’t count fowls & vegetables.

25 Dec 1891

Changes of Temperature. Heat in sun & tent in daytime so great that when glass stands at 60° in morning at 6 o’clock feels like several degrees of frost. At home a room kept at 60° in winter quite takes the breath away when coming into it from outside, feels so hot. So when Eddie had rheumatic fever.



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