Congratulations on completing the Learning to Learn Online workshop. You have gained some valuable skills to help you on your learning journey.

You may wish to continue your learning by taking one or more of the following steps.

  1. Visit the University 101: Study, Strategize, and Succeed online text. This resource will provide you with additional learning strategies to support your progress throughout the semester.
  2. Attend additional Academic Skills Workshops. These workshops are offered in a variety of formats: on-campus, in a live online session, or in a self-paced session. Visit the Learning Centre’s workshop page for a list of current learning opportunities.
  3. Connect with a Peer Tutor.  Login to to find a tutor for your course.
  4. Meet with a Learning Strategist. KPU’s team of Learning Strategists provide 1:1 support. The infographic below provides information on how a Learning Strategist can support you. You can book an appointment at
    Learning Strategists: Fostering Excellence in Learning Study skills: From note-taking to self-quizzes – find what works best for you Goal setting: Identify specific, achievable, measurable, realistic, and timely goals Writing strategies: Outline, organize, draft and revise Reading strategies: From textbooks, articles, class notes – review and retain information Time management: Manage school, work, family and life Exam preparation: Develop a tailored study plan and strategies for your next exam Online support: Strategist consultations and workshops delivered online in a virtual learning classroom In-class support: Strategists will work with your instructor to help you develop your learning skills and strategies
    Image Credit: Graeme Robinson-Clogg


Good luck in your online learning journey!


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