List of Contributors

Jennifer Hardwick, PhD

Jen is passionate about ensuring access and supports for learners who face barriers. She has spent the last 15 years teaching diverse students in large lecture halls, small seminars, academic bridging programs, Writing/Learning Centres, online environments, and co-curricular and community programs  She loves to problem solve and work collaboratively, and is keen to provide resources and supports to faculty as they adopt and practice Universal Design for Learning (UDL). She also welcomes conversations and consultations about intersecting fields such critical, digital, open, and decolonial pedagogies.

Seanna Takacs, PhD

Seanna has worked with children, teens, and young adults with learning difficulties from the earliest stages of her career. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from SFU where she studied reading comprehension and more broadly, variation in language acquisition and literacy processes. Seanna was an instructor in post-secondary for ten years, teaching courses on instructional psychology, reading, and learning disabilities. Her interest in Universal Design for Learning is contemporaneous with her investigation of learning differences: what differences exist, are those differences meaningful, and how can we ameliorate those differences through strong teaching and curriculum design practices? In her current role in  Accessibility Services at KPU, Seanna is excited to work on both sides of the fence supporting both students and instructors in equitable educational access for all.

Christina Page

Christina Page has been a faculty member at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) since 2015, and has worked in intercultural education in both Southeast Asian and Canadian contexts.  Her interests include intercultural teaching, the intersections between interculturality and learning, and academic literacies development in undergraduate students. Her research focuses on faculty intercultural teaching practices. She is currently a PhD candidate in Education at Nipissing University.

Her work at KPU includes the role of Learning Strategist, where she supports students in developing learning strategies and future skills throughout their postsecondary careers. Additionally, in the role of Educational Consultant, she facilitates programs in inclusive and intercultural teaching for faculty.



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