How The Game Works

After choosing the student you wish to play in the game, you will enter a branching scenario of decisions you as a student makes at the beginning of the semester, at midterms, and for finals. The choices you make for your textbooks, based on your budget, needs, as well as unanticipated events will make you adjust your behavior with the goals of each student and their needs for funds to have available for the next semester.

In addition to monetary budget, you will have to account for and manage your health and time available for study. Like actual students, there are things that happen that you cannot predict!

Now, based on the profiles you reviewed above, pick the student you wish to play in this game. Once in the scenario, you will be prompted with choices.

You will also use a management “tracker app” where you will be keeping track of your budgets and goals.  Just like real students, in this  simulation technology will not keep track of your data for you, this is what you must do to manage your own lives. 

It might be cumbersome to scroll back and forth between the simulation and the Tracker App but remember that students juggle more than this on a regular basis.

You may also need a calculator or some scratch paper to perform basic math.

Next, you will learn more about the game and then meet the student characters.


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