Congratulations for completing the Effective Editing online workshop. You now have some new tools to apply the next time you edit your work. Complete the quiz below to help you remember the key things you have learned.



Here are some steps you may wish to take to follow up on what you are learning:1. Book a follow-up appointment with a Learning Strategist. Learning Strategists are available on all four KPU campuses. You can bring your textbook to an appointment, and further develop your reading strategies. Log in to to book an appointment.  Search for Learning Strategies.2. Attend an in-person Academic Skills Workshop. Visit to see a list of current in-person workshops.

If you are taking this workshop for course participation credit as a KPU student, please enroll in the KPU Academic Skills Workshop Moodle and complete the exit quiz that corresponds to the workshop pathway you just completed.


This is a screenshot of the KPU Academic Skills Workshop Moodle. It demonstrates where the Effective Editing quiz is found.


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