Introduction: Conferencing tools for teaching and learning

Conferencing tools are a technology that allow educators to engage with their students in real-time and may provide the ability to see, hear and virtually interact* with students using a computer, tablet or mobile device (*depending on how participants are connecting, i.e. webcam, microphone)

Conferencing tools can be used in educational contacts to strategically support pedagogy/androgogy.   

This resource has been created for KPU educators to explore best practices for using conferencing tools for teaching and learning. The strategies provided within this PressBook are adaptable and may be used with any conferencing tool in educational contexts. Each chapter contains critical considerations for using conferencing tools to support pedagogy and provides an overview infographic for the key take-aways. 

Included are considerations for general etiquette, hosting virtual office hours, facilitating group work and presentations, lecturing, showing videos, hosting external presenters, and managing the space. Additionally, theoretical frameworks to support best practices when teaching online are provided.  

Finally, exemplar course activities that can be used in the KPU supported conferencing tools, BigBlueButton, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom; are included.  


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