7 Keyword Clues – Determining the Type of Writing

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When you receive an assignment from an instructor, paying close attention to the assignment description and expectations can help you determine what will be most effective for your writing.


Looking for and highlighting keywords in your assignment can help you know what your instructor expects. Try it out! Match the keywords below with their definitions:

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These are just some of the keywords that you might see in an assignment. Review the KPU Learning Aid “Terms that may be used in essays or examinations” to see more

Beginning, intermediate, or experienced as an academic writer, if you are uncertain about assignment requirements – ask your instructor! You can also visit the KPU Learning Centres for help with determining what type of writing you are being asked to do.


In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at four of the common types of academic writing that you might encounter and the keywords that are associated with each type of writing.


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