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43Occupy Wall Street and Tea PartyCollage
44Historical Divisions of SocialismAccordion
45Islamism and its Relation to Islam and the West TimelineTimeline
46Common misconceptions debunkedAccordion
47Varieties of IslamDrag and Drop
48Islam and Violence: Key DifferentiationsAccordion
49Four Asian Tiger StatesImage Hotspots
50Confucianism StatuesCollage
51The Great Leap ForwardCollage
52Great Leap ForwardImage Hotspots
53world bank savingsIframe Embedder
54Gross domestic savings (% of GDP) - East Asia & PacificIframe Embedder
55Gross domestic savings (% of GDP) - WorldImage Slider
56symbols of ConfucianismCollage
57Symbols of ConfucianismImage Hotspots
58green partiesImage Hotspots
59Green PartyCollage
61oil spill mitigationCollage
62sierra clubCollage
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