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23plato monumentsCollage
24UK and Canada HOCImage Juxtaposition
25Anarchist AccordionAccordion
26Liberalism, Marxism, Nationalism GraphicAgamotto
27Liberalism, Marxism, Nationalism GraphicAgamotto
28Nationalism Theorist Drag and DropDrag and Drop
29Nationalism Theorist Drag and DropDrag and Drop
30Symbols of British Monarchy in CanadaCollage
31Symbols of British Monarchy in CanadaImage Hotspots
32What Are Accordions For?Accordion
33Waves of NationalismTimeline
34Taylor and KymlickaCollage
35Charles Taylor and Will Kymlicka columnColumn
36politics of multiculturalism tableCourse Presentation
37The Canadian School of Thought: Six TenetsAccordion
38MCP ScoresChart
39Multiculturalism's LimitationsCollage
40Core Concepts of Populism as an IdeologyAccordion
41Overlapping PopulismImage Hotspots
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