Chapter 5: The Writing Process 4 — Editing

The final stage of the writing process is managing your readers’ impressions by editing your draft from beginning to end. This involves first returning to your headspace at the start of the writing process and assessing where your document is in relation to the purpose you set out to achieve for it. When you get a sense of how far your document is from achieving that primary purpose, you realize what needs to be done to close that gap—what you need to add, rewrite, delete, and improve. Your next move is a two-step editing process of substantial revisions and proof-editing. The order of these is crucial to avoid wasting time. You wouldn’t proofread for minor grammatical errors before substantial revisions because you may end up just altogether deleting paragraphs that you meticulously proofread with a fine-tooth comb.

In this chapter, we will cover:

1 Preparing, 2 Researching, 3 Drafting, 4 Editing            4 Editing, 4.1 Evaluating, 4.2 Reorganizing, adding and trimming, 4.3 Proofreading for Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling and Mechanics

Figure P5.1: The four-stage writing process and Stage 4 Breakdown



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