7 Prepare for the journey ahead

Now that you’ve completed these chapters, you have an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for success at KPU.  You may feel that you have many new and challenging experiences ahead of you.  At KPU, you will have a team of people to help you at each step along the way.

The Learning Centres at KPU help you learn how to learn effectively in any KPU course.  At the Learning Centres you will find highly trained peer tutors to support you in your courses, workshops to help you develop learning skills, and 1:1 consultations with Learning Strategists to support you in developing a personalized learning strategy.  All of these services are free to you as a KPU student.

To find out more, visit the Learning Centres website.

If you wish to read more about learning in the Canadian university, you can read our free online book: University 101: Study, Strategize, and Succeed.

You can also visit the KPU Learning Centres Youtube channel for short videos on how to learn in a Canadian university environment.


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